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Press Release for Launch of LED Examination Light in India

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With continuous investment in the latest technology and keeping ourselves updated with the latest know-how of the technology in the healthcare sector, Hospedia has been successful in providing best quality examination lighting solutions to its customers.

With professional expertise of over 33 years in the healthcare industry, Hospedia has provided hospitals, medical colleges with high quality, low maintenance and highly affordable LED examination lights in India.

The elegant spring arm ensures smooth and precise movement of the Led examination light and provides extreme comfort to the medical practitioners while adjusting the position of the light. Developing Led examination light in India which meets all the best medical standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 14001, CE and maintaining the quality on an ongoing basis has always remained a challenge for an Indian manufacturing unit and Hospedia is successfully delivering on this challenge since its establishment as a leading manufacturer of LED examination lights in India.

- Mr Ramesh Kumar, 

Chief Operating Officer

Hospedia Medicare Pvt. Ltd, India