Changing Trends in LED Surgical light

Sustainability concerns and regulations across the globe is making a shift across industries for cleaner technologies that saves cost and is also good for environment. The global surgical lights Industry too is making a shift or rather a quick one wherein Incandescent bulbs/ halogen bulbs used since a century are being replaced by LEDs.

Global shift for usage of LED surgical light

The global LED surgical light is facing huge shifts or adoption primarily due to macroeconomic conditions wherein newer constructions and establishments are enhancing the demand for newer installation which are efficient and cost saving. Sustainability concerns for reducing carbon footprint and usage of renewable resources had added to a faster adoption of LEDs surgical lights. There is also greater awareness and need from regulators, investors and government for cleaner technologies like LED that has longer life with minimal energy consumption and is good for eyes when flickering is controlled through designs and usage of good quality material by manufacturers.

Surgical Lighting System with Multiple Dome [Comparison]

Lighting is an important aid during operating procedures for a surgeon. It increases the efficacy of the procedures and reduce risk of complications for the patient.

There has been a complete revolution of technology to support the end users in hospital operating rooms. From early 1850s when windows were built in the ceiling panel of operating rooms to let the natural light be available as much as possible to illumination with reflectors, mirrors to using the halogen lights/incandescent lights and now the LED surgical lighting system, surgical lighting systems have improved on performance and efficiency. We can say that certainly from then to now, there has been a complete revolution in technology. LED surgical lighting system have negligible heating and a unwavering focus to aid the health practitioner by illuminating deep cavity or local areas for clarity during procedures.

Further the lighting systems have different need for different practitioners per the complications of surgery, time duration and clarity needed. In the overhead lighting system, the flexibility to illuminate different areas can be enhanced through arms rotation and focus pattern per the need. Single, double and Triple Dome in surgical lighting system can aid the end user practitioners in Hospital operating room.

Service a Key Differentiation for LED Operation Theatre Light

LED operation theatre lights are defined by the design, quality, consistency and their sustainable performance to support health practitioners during most crucial time of their work. Today the health practitioner has multiple options to cater to their needs. So, if there are options of LED operation theater lights which offer invariably the same characteristics in terms of quality and reliability, what do you think is the key differentiator for a health practitioner’s convenience?

Well along with product design and quality, it is AFTER SALES SERVICE.

LED OT lights - To support a health practitioner

LED OT lights are one of the most important aids to support a health practitioner during various procedures during surgeries, be it in examination room, trauma bay, dentist office or veterinary surgery rooms. When providing care an excellent source of lighting supports and is of paramount importance to the health practitioners.

Quality surgical lighting solutions armed with advanced technologies will ensure optimal performance of the lights whilst also avoiding the common problems that happen with surgical lights. Quality OT Lights need an innovative design, functional shape with advance technology that give optimal performance with optimal color rendition, color temperature and luminance.

A quality Operation Theatre can give high efficiency. The color temperature of surgical lights needs to be within 4,000 – 6,700 K range for optimal performance to reduce the load of 50 percent or more, with potential for additional energy savings through constant-color dimming and reduced cooling load in the operating room along with optimization of the amount of heat generated. In all there is saving of energy in a quality LED light.

Operation Theatre Light solutions

In an Operation Theater, the last thing on a surgeon’s mind is light. But what could be much more important than how well a surgeon can see to do his/her job without any interruption and stress on their eyes.

The best surgical light provides two things - the correct amount of illumination for the procedure and the right patches size.

Brighter does not mean better. Too much [intensity] can fatigue the surgeon’s eyes and cause glare.

With advent of technology and innovation, surgical lighting today is light years ahead of what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. No longer is a light just a light; now they’re interconnected systems which can provide imaging and control for today and future with features that can adjust multiple devices in the room, and video routing systems built for video imaging.

In the operating room, the biggest aid a surgeon can have is to use