TrueColour Rendition

LED 50 Shadowless Operation Theatre Light Series

Hospedia LED operation theatre lights incorporate world’s best German LED’s and specially designed individual lenses which produce an excellent illumination in all demanding conditions in the operating room. It comes with variable height adjustment options and German mechanism to prevent it from bumping against the ceiling

Creating a shadow less impact while maintaining the depth of the field is critical in advanced medical lighting systems and Hospedia LED Operation Theatre Lights successfully delivers on this challenge.

Hospedia LED Operation Theatre Lights have adopted latest German Medical Lighting Technology which provides superior shadow reduction in the operating field and creates a perfect shadow less impact. Hospedia LED 50 has an advance feature of three different modes of surgery, intensity level adjustment and focus adjustment through sterilize handle, present at the center of the LED OT Light.

Long Life German LED’s

LED’s are designed to operate for more than 50,000 hrs, without any hassle of changing the LED’s from time to time due to burn or voltage fluctuations. Ultimately, it decreases the operating cost to large extent without compromising with the illumination and quality of the LED operation theatre light.


Hospedia ceiling shadowless LED Operation Theatre Light dome has been designed and developed to optimize laminar air flow in all demanding conditions of long hour surgeries.  

German Medical Lighting Technology   

The smooth and fine surface due to the closed form of the product ensures easy cleaning and optimum light distribution. 

This provides an extreme comfortable temperature to surgeon’s head during the surgical procedures.

Hospedia Shadowless LED Operation Theatre Lights comes with True Colour Rendition and 96 CRI

It has uniquely smooth surface and streamlined shape which makes cleaning and disinfection an effortless task. Its uni-body design prevents the accumulation of dust and unwanted materials.                       



With Inbuilt HD Camera,monitor and recording system.

From Laminar Air perspective, HOSPEDIA LED 50 has superior aerodynamic design with less heat generation facilitates suitable laminar flow properties as per the DIN 1946-4 and SWKI Class 5 (German Institute of Standardization).