Surgical Lighting System with Multiple Dome [Comparison]

LED 50 Double Dome

Lighting is an important aid during operating procedures for a surgeon. It increases the efficacy of the procedures and reduce risk of complications for the patient.

There has been a complete revolution of technology to support the end users in hospital operating rooms. From early 1850s when windows were built in the ceiling panel of operating rooms to let the natural light be available as much as possible to illumination with reflectors, mirrors to using the halogen lights/incandescent lights and now the LED surgical lighting system, surgical lighting systems have improved on performance and efficiency. We can say that certainly from then to now, there has been a complete revolution in technology. LED surgical lighting system have negligible heating and a unwavering focus to aid the health practitioner by illuminating deep cavity or local areas for clarity during procedures.

Further the lighting systems have different need for different practitioners per the complications of surgery, time duration and clarity needed. In the overhead lighting system, the flexibility to illuminate different areas can be enhanced through arms rotation and focus pattern per the need. Single, double and Triple Dome in surgical lighting system can aid the end user practitioners in Hospital operating room.

Shadow-less effects using Single Dome, Double Dome and Triple Dome Surgical light

LEDs can emit radiation in multiple directions and manufacturers typically use proprietary designs, lenses to converge the emitted light with diameter of focus that typically ranges from 130-300 mm when using a single dome. All the three domes i.e Single Dome, Double Dome to Triple Dome configurations usually from a single manufacturer has same specification (until otherwise specified) and supports the end users of Hospitals to get enhanced performance with greater precision and efficacy. Increased domes reduce the shadows to up to 99.5%. Increase in number of domes i.e Single Dome, Double Dome to Triple Dome configurations can support to create shadow less illumination pattern that enables excellent shadow controls to under light obstructions during surgical procedures to eliminate head and hands shadows. A single dome too can create the same pattern but the addition of more domes enhances the precision and performance specially when needed during deep cavity and critical procedures.

 Flexibility in Movement

 Overhead lights with the Double dome and Triple dome in surgical lights offer flexibility in how and where the light needs to be focused. It gives the precision to reduce effect of shadows along with the flexibility to rotate across the room using 360 degree rotation from the central axis and both the ends of revolving axis with reduction, suspension and dragging of arms to create reach and range of positioning with surprising ease.

 Greater illumination range

LED Single Dome, Double Dome and Triple Dome surgical lights can have lumen output upto 160,000 Lux for a powerful performance during procedures. They can be adjusted per the proprietary designs of the manufacturer and using the surgical lighting system with enhanced dome like Triple Dome, Double Dome, the focus can be enhanced for a uniform vision for full illuminated area for the high intensity vision light. A large illuminated area with 130-300 mm diameter can be adjusted with hand held or motorized mechanism by the health practitioner’s with the focus pattern adjustment for greater ease and control during procedures.

 Additional Domes support the medical practitioners during critical procedures when flexibility in movement, greater focus range and complete reduction of shadows become absolutely important to eliminate the chances of error and enhance efficiency and precision with lesser stress to practitioners. Basis your need during surgeries, choose appropriately.