Service a Key Differentiation for LED Operation Theatre Light


LED operation theatre lights are defined by the design, quality, consistency and their sustainable performance to support health practitioners during most crucial time of their work. Today the health practitioner has multiple options to cater to their needs. So, if there are options of LED operation theater lights which offer invariably the same characteristics in terms of quality and reliability, what do you think is the key differentiator for a health practitioner’s convenience?

Well along with product design and quality, it is AFTER SALES SERVICE.

With almost the same standardized features for LED OT lights, an after sales support can enhance a health practitioner experience and satisfaction of using a LED OT light. Statistics and numerous research repeatedly points out that a buyer when needing an installation, or a replacement or any service support needs its seller to support him in the next 48 hours for enhanced convenience and thus satisfaction.

Service Support through Value Chain

For convenience and effective after sales service an effective value chain built in organization and its network can create all the difference for a customer. Its a complex mandate, and the manufacturing organization needs deep localization of market and a dealership network to create a value chain which can support a faster service delivery across locations for enhanced health practitioner satisfaction.

Every link in after sales value chain involves a real time dynamics across multi channels through both physical and digital platforms. In short it involves a planning and execution to create solutions which create more convenience and reduced efforts for health practitioners/customers.

Few pointers for sales service effectiveness evaluation,

  1. There are multiple medium to connect to your manufacturer and dealer. They must be willing to respond quickly to your needs with an infrastructure and intent in place,

  2. Is the managing team available to listen to your feedbacks and concerns or there is a multiple hierarchy connects before your concern is paid attention to. As a health practitioner with OT lights particularly, you need a responsible and responsive team to cater to your concerns immediately and offer effective solutions that work.

  3.  Is your OT light manufacturer having enough presence across the length and breadth both through digital and physical medium? It’s important that you are able to reach your manufacturer/dealer without much of efforts.

  4. Pay attention to brand characteristics and the references testimonials.

  5. Most important, the managing and executing team must have the technical knowledge to support the health practitioner in various scenarios to offer the best in class solutions.

An effective after sales support can enhance the reliability and your experience with LED OT light to focus on “what is important” than the infrastructure.